Positive experiences with the Biomental Tinnitus-Detraining
by Dr. Hans Greuel (MD)
(Der Kassenarzt - The German magazin for medical doctors)
Detraining is an abbreviation for the term Biomental Deconditioning Training. Such a training can be carried out in all types of doctors offices and can even be used by the patients in their own homes as a Home-Therapy. The Biomental Deconditioning training derives from the Biomental Therapy, which can only be practiced while the patients are under clinical observation in the hospital or in a day clinic, and the doctor must have gone through a specialized apprenticeship.
In the first part of my report I would like to create a somewhat elaborated general understanding of the Biomental Therapy, so that the Biomental Tinnitus-Detraining can be offered and introduce to physicians in the second part.
What is Biomental Therapy?
The term "Biomental", means that biological reactions are created mentally for a theraputic purpose. The term "Biomental should express, that a mental influence is inevitable and possible in ending the illness. Because mental processes are of a private nature, it is implied, that these influences can only come from within the patients and be steered by them alone. This means, that the patients have to be explained the deeper reasons and roots behind their burden first, so that they understand what their grievous state has caused and what they can do about it.(understanding is an immanent mental process)
Secondly the term "Biomental" also expresses, that the biological reactions of the human body within the neuro-endocino-immunological system are of decisive factor and have to be newly adapted mentally for peace and quiet in order to regain balance. According to our experience this point of relaxation can be won back by practicing certain exercises, which the sufferer has to relearn and care for systematically under the guidance of a doctor.
For the last 16 years we have treated sudden deafness, Menière's disease and Tinnitus with the Biomental Therapy. It is based on the experience, that the above mentioned illnesses are caused by stressful situaltions and by psycho-neuro-immunilogical phases. Funktion disorders are caused by reflexes, that become noticeable in the hearing organ as one of the mentioned illnesses. After a certain period of reaction time, already in a phase of tesion, the disfunctioning sequences include their symptomatic condition, this means they are implanted into the brain.
Tinnitus as a psyco-neuro-immunilogical inner-ear syndrom is always combined with other disturbances of function, for instance the muscle tension of the neck, tension of the jaw muscles, swelling in the mucous membrane of the paranasal sinus including the following damages of the the mentioned paralles systematic, in addition reduced blood circualation of the inner ear, which besides tinnitus eventually leads to sudden deafness and also to Menière's disease. Most of the time an added Hyper- or Hypeotonia is presented and in many cases a Hypercholesteremia. It must be pointed out that among others no casual relationships predominate, but rather that all mentioned syndromes have causes with a great deal in common on the PNI-Network in the different organ systems
The therapy in the doctor's office includes theraputic discussions, that look into the triggering situation or rather the triggering phase and the psychological conflict of the patient. In such cases, as a rule, it concerns situations of excessive demand, that occur for instance because of financial burdens, over worked from job, case of nursing within the family or because of other great misfortunes. The paitent himself is usually already tensed-up and therefore in danger, namely because certain characteristics he has that are actually positive such as conscientiousness, having a great sense of duty, reliability, perfectionism etc.. These personality trates take up a lot of energy that is needed in protecting against demanding situations, when additional burdens arise. Not being able to say, "NO" and primarily keeping oneself mentally occupied can also be added to these typical personality trates. It is of utmost importance not to forget the inability of shutting off, relaxation and being able to react. This can and must be relearned. Besides becoming aware of the conflicts, therapies of how to react are mediated. The theraputic discussions have to be thought through and organized carefully, because as it is known with these hearing disorders you are dealing with symptomatic hearing disorders or rather neurotic conversion.
This means, there is a danger, that the doctor says something, which the patient doesn't want to hear, so that he unconsciously is not able to hear it anymore along with help of an increase of symptomatic as well.
An intensification of the symptoms could be followed by a discontinuation of therapy. For this reason the discussions are combined with many centered topics but averbal information, for instance containing vidio animaiton with pictures, symbols, colors, and tones/sounds of nature and musical compositions etc..
When the conflict has been worked on, which can happen by itself with patients where their illness goes back a long way, the Tinnitus-Deconditioning-Training, (Tinnitus Detraing) is necessary. It consists of an intensive stimuli therapy, where you are dealing with stimuli and sense stimuli in the form of special haptic, acoustic and optical stimuli. The patients experience certain physological states like, relaxation of the neck muscles, relaxation of the jaw muscles, better blood circulation in the head, neck and auricle. These reflective triggering states are provoked by technically supported intensities of awareness, so that the patient has a visual memento, that he can learn reproductively while training with the audio tapes.
This means with the help of an instructions manuel the patient has to create the reflexes wanted on a regular basis (the reflexation of the neck muscles jaw muscles, opening of the blood vessels in the head area etc.) in order to condition, which eventually leads to Tinnitus deconditioning.
Even if the Tinnitus has been there for many years, it can still vacillate sometimes stronger sometimes weaker. This result is the most reasonable assumption for a deconditioning training, because a fluctuating tinnitus that corresponds to acute tinnitus. The so-called chronical tinnitus makes itself known in a constant disturbance, that means the ringing in the ear never changes. This fundamental basis is less reasonable, but not hopeless either, because as experience shows the tinnitus begins to sway within the framework of the Biomental Therpay. Thereby it reaches a better initial situation. In this case though the patient has to have more patience and endurance.
The treatment is relatively simple and is found to be very pleasant. The only difficulty is having enough stamina, keeping patient and not putting yourself, or being put under pressure.
In 1992 we drew up a scientific report for the German Department of Labor and Social Aspects, which was published by the Ministry under Research Report: 214b Sozialforschung. The evaluation of the Biomental Therapy was carried out by the non-profit organizaiton Bochumer Social Medicine Research a neutral research institute, conducted by professor Dr. med. Viefhues a former professor of Social medicine at the University of Bochum. The success rate of the Biomental Therpay is 80% by sudden deafness 87% by tinnitus and 90% by Menière's disease, whereas it has to be mentioned that all patients dealt with were alread conventional out-patient, so-called chronically ill, who were expelled form school medicine as being incureable.
Before patients come to my office they have already had disappointing experiences with other kinds of treatment. They have usually had enough of school medicine and have been lead into the wrong direciton of therapy tourism by previous self-help groups. The group leader, still being a Tinitus sufferer, suggest their members to: "Try everyhting, that is offered, perhaps something will help you, nothing has helped me yet!"
With patient to patient verbal propaganda and with colleages, that have had good experiences with the success of the Biomental Therapy, and from us the patients that have "given up" become aware of a home therapy. It consists of a "Bibliotherapy" and detraining. Even from the ancient world we know the power of the written word. The term "Bibliotherapy" was only adopted into scientific literature in America at the beginning of this century.
Many of our patients have found that, "reading is like water in the desert". "The right book at the right time," according to the Neurologist Vikto E. Frankl from Vienna, means the search for the choice of reading material. The title of our first book, "Up to the Ears - Sudden Deafness, Dizziness, Ringing in the Ear (1986)" emphasizes the connection between stress, when you are up to your ears, with illnesses and symptoms. For many this is still absolutely new. In the ENT offices and clinics these kinds of connections are seldom mentioned, sometimes even vehemently rejected, if they are slightly pulled out and mentioned by the patient. In reading the book the patients are able to make a "checklist" of personality trates, which are partially responsible for the origin of the PNI-inner ear syndrom, or as they are called the three clinical pictures sudden deafness, Meniere's disease and tinnitus.
"As I read the book, I asked myself, how does the author know me so well " or "I have finally found confirmation in writing, what I have thought all along," while a few opinions of late patients, found it to be healing, symptom reducing or gave them hope when discovering the book. That is how it became an "insider tip" for sufferers.
For the therapy reading this book, or one of the others is an important prerequisite, because the patient needs to think about himself and his lifestyle, days, weeks, months and sometimes even years long before starting with the therapy. This leads to, in the sense of Bibliotherapy to a self awareness according with conflict, for instance between wanting peace and quiet and having a guilty conscious about certain duties, if one decides to take a break, or between being emotionally and physically exhausted from being over active for others and not wanting to be afraid of having to use the word "no" to others. On this basis deep psycholigically backed up theraputical discussions are very possible. Catharsis, the phenominin of healing through reading, understanding and comprehending has been ocnfirmed by many healed readers of our books. This phenomenon and those leading to a cure psych-neuro-immunilogical mechanisms have been known in the psycho physiology for a long time. The same thing goes for the detraining methods used in the Biomental Sound Therapy tapes "Biomentear".
I came across Dr. Greuel's book "Up to the Ears" in the university library in October '93 after having been through a year of treatments with no avail. I ordered the book along with the audio tapes "Biomentear" and started listening to the tapes in the afternoons on a regular basis in November '93. In addition I tried to live by the guidlines of Dr. Greuel. In April '94 the ringing in the ear stopped." Quoted by a cured patient in the book "Tinnitus is Curable."
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