BiomentEar 1-3

Before you start the online Biomental Teleclinic Treatment, you can try to use the BiomentEar 1,2,3 mp3, which in mild cases had already led to healing success. If not, the mp3-file is a good preparation for teleclinic treatment. This is the beginning of the healing process. The CD has to be trained three times a day for weeks or month. The daily time is about three times 20 minutes.

Dr Hans Greuel has designed sounds that have a circumscribed therapeutic goal:

Conditioning: mental-vegetative relaxation, relaxation and relaxation of the neck and masticatory muscles for unimpeded blood flow into the hearing and balance organ; Wide position of the cramped blood vessels in the head area and general shutdown and relaxation.

Masking of ear noises:
Do not expect conventional classical music or meditation music. The sounds are certainly getting used to and should also be heard quietly. The vocal suggestions consist of the deepest and highest "body sounds", which on the one hand mask existing ear noises and on the other hand train the hearing organ over the variety of frequencies. The sound suggestion seduces to dreaming, but at the same time they provoke the desired healing reflexes to improve the circulation of the inner ear in connection with the organ-effective deep suggestion.

Very strong ear noises, hearing impairment and dizziness; neck and masticatory muscle tension, mucosal swelling in the paranasal sinus and middle ear area;

Instructions: First of all, try to concentrate several times (three times, for example) on the depth suggestion to create the desired reflexes and to learn how to switch off and relax. Patience and stamina, however, are always required.