TELECLINIC.ACADEMY the online research and telemedical therapy center for therapy of chronic tinnitus.

by Dr Hans Greuel (M.D.)

The online academy offers people affected by tinnitus, hearing loss and Menière's disease by e-learning a medical form of therapy to activate their own self-healing. From more than 30 years of experience with the Biomental Therapy of those affected, Dr. Greuel developed an online procedure that is just as successful as inpatient Biomental Therapy. In both procedures, the patient is given biometal training techniques with which he can determine his healing sucess> by means of disciplined training.

The therapy program consists of 10 sessions, which will be communicated in writing, if necessary also by phone and with the help of links to the corresponding audio and video and image tades.

First a Biomental Teleclinic Treatment> is booked. After payment, the lession 1 will be emailed to the patient. This is the beginning of the healing process. The first reflex from lession 1 has to be trained three times a day for at least one week. The daily time is about three times 15 minutes. After a week or more, if you feel that the desired reaction occurs, you should send a short message by e-mail. Questions are answered and the lession 2 emailed. So it goes on until the lession 10 is reached. Feedback should be given after about three months.

The question of whether such a therapy can even be successful, answered a scientific research report> and the free book Tinnitus is curable !>. That should be read before the online therapy and can supplement with the BiomentEar 1,2,3 mp3-file>.


In 2004 Dr Greuel found out about an American study of the California Ear Institute, which successfully treats patients with Botox> (botulinumtoxin A). Immediately Dr Greuel started to apply this method to his German patients who could not be won over for Biomental Therapy.

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