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When the research project commenced in 1988, Dr. Greuel recorded in his office (Düsseldorf/Germany) 223 patients by anamnestic instrumentarium, developed from associated research by the Research Institute of Social Medicine (BOSOFO).
The results which the BOSOFO compiled are impressive: "Between 76 and 93 % of patients - depending on their clinical picture - consider the status of their treated hearing disorder to have improved during and following treatment."

Prof. Dr. Herbert Viefhues,
Institut für Sozialmedizinische Forschung BOSOFO e.V.:
"The results confirm the therapeutic approach and also therapeutic practice. Compared to other published therapy assessments, the present results must be emphasised in positive terms."

Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Frey, Heidelberg University:
"The therapeutic success which Dr. Greuel's Biomental Therapy demonstrates is impressive. It convincingly confirms the fundamental conceptual principles upon which the therapy is based.
In summary, the greatest credit goes to Dr. Greuel for having found a therapy which meets all the requirements of strict scientific standards."

1998: Dr. Greuel's nomination for the alternative nobelprize (right livelihood award).

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